Sydney Slate Cleaning Services

Sydney Slate Cleaning Services

Are your slate tiles experiencing excessive wear and tear? If they’re looking faded and worn, chances are you require professional slate cleaning services to breathe new life back into them.

With Sydney Slate Supplies, we employ the latest proven methods to restore the beauty of your slate tiles. Combining thorough stripping and sealing techniques enables your slate tiles to appear as good as new and enhance both its durability and longevity.

Why Are My Slate Tiles Dirty And Stained?

Although slate tiles are known for its durability, an accumulation of soil and dust in addition to layers of wax can cause slate tiles to take on an unpleasant look and feel. That’s because slate is a porous stone that is susceptible to stains and is sensitive to many types of chemical cleaning agents.

How Should Slate Cleaning Be Handled?

While regular sweeping, ventilation and mopping can help keep your slate tiles in good form, it is essential to employ professional slate cleaning services periodically to help restore its true form and beauty. Our slate cleaning services guarantees the removal of dirt particles and stains from the pores of the slate stone leaving you with a vibrant finish. Whether it has been sealed prior, we will help assess your slate tiles and provide you with upfront advice.

There are many types of slate tiles, each type requiring a different approach of slate cleaning to ensure that it is restored correctly without damaging the porous stone. Slate cleaning is just one of our specialties so contact Terry today on 0418 114 885 for an obligation free quote.